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What is Our Firm All About?
We Operate as a High End Proxy Advisory/Solicitation Firm.
We Strive to be the Most Successful, Results Oriented Firm in our Field.
We Have a Raving Fan Appreciation of our Clients!
We Know that Stock Incentive Compensation is Essential to the Success of Capitalism!
We Relish Helping Our Clients WIN in the Face of "Against" Recommendations!

Firm Background
The three most senior members of our team have worked closely together in the proxy industry for nearly 30 years.

In 2001, we began doing business under our own banner. We operate our business as a professional services boutique, in order to provide our clients with a far higher level of service, including much greater accessibility and accountability, than is available from a traditional proxy firm structure.

We have witnessed the proxy industry's evolution from a primarily administrative, niche business to an advisory profession, with an important role in the effective functioning of capitalism.

18 East 41st Street
Suite 2000
New York, NY 10017-6219
(212) 616-2180



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